Sugar! Sugar! Sugar…..

Aunty’s voice echoed angrily in the hush of that afternoons scorching heat, as I hid in further in the back of the hedges along the fence of the Boys quarters. If I dared answer, I would get the scolding of my life for sure, it would be the third time this month and I was not prepared for the sting of her lips.

Lately, the back window of the last room in the Boys quarters, had become my favorite place to be. I listened intently, but she had stopped bellowing. Thank goodness! The woman had a lung on her. On really quiet days, one could hear her as far as the fields of the Navy Village, and that was a good three and a half blocks away.

I was safe for now and the reason for my present predicament, was also about to resume my education. I peered once again through the tiny hole of the stained window, and my jaw dropped.

There she was, sprawled on the queen sized bed half naked, caressing her breast and a very strange look that bordered on sleepiness if you asked me.

Sister Maria did not look like her usual timid self, she was definitely possessed by some spirit, because the woman lying with her legs flung wide apart as she beckoned on poor agitated Okon to come to her, was not the same who was hardly audible when talking.

“Madam will call me soon Maria, I don’t like this you know, I said tomorrow will be better”.Okon protested, backing away from the bed. With alacrity, Sister Maria jumped up, and was soon between him and the door. Her little flowery dress was completely off now, as large over sized breasts bounced literally in Okons face.

“You know why madam makes too much noise over you Okon…she wants you for herself, greedy cow!. Besides, the witch is busy looking for Sugar, that should keep her occupied for about twenty minutes baby…that’s more than enough time to make me happy abi?”

She quickly pulled her panties off, and I gasped again. Her pubic area was bald, not a single hair was in sight and she took his hands and rubbed on it. Okon shivered, as a huge bulge suddenly appeared and his trousers looked  ready to burst open.

I let out a huge breathe, catching myself because it was quiet loud. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath all along. These two were showing me life and it’s mysteries like I had never known or imagined. My eyes hurt from the squinting, so I switched sides quickly, afraid I would miss out on something.

Repositioned and in better view now, Okon was naked from the waist down. That thing between his legs was a monster…It was long and thick, tiny veins ran along it and it dangled menacingly in front of him, as sister Maria smiled and got on her knees.

I wondered what the hell she wanted to pray about at this critical time, and then she grabbed his penis and opened her mouth.


That came out before I could stop it, but Okons moan of pleasure drowned out my gasp of shock, while sister Maria managed to take the entire length of him into her mouth.

I could not believe my eyes. She liked and pulled him up and down like a lollipop sweet, and at first, I thought she was hurting him, because his face contorted to a rather ugly and painful twist. But just as she began to suck harder on him, making a grunting and pulling sound as she worked, his face relaxed and he held on to her head. He began jerking almost violently at it, back and forth, while she sucked and grunted greedily, as if she was eating the most deliciously treat.

My poor legs ached from bending down and to my horror, my panties was also soaked in some gooey liquid.Panicked, I stood up and reached for my private part, and indeed, all my fears was confirmed. Strange slimy secretion had oozed out from me, and a strange tingle had also ensued. My private area was throbbing and I had an incredible desire to rub it, caress it. Next thing I know, my hand is down in my panties and I begin to rub and pull on my thing.

“ooh…ooh…mariaaaa!” Okon’s ecstatic outburst threw me off, as I rushed to peer in once again.

There she was still on her knees, with  creamy liquid all over her serene smiling face, and Okon still vibrating from the turbulent of goodness only knows. He shook and vibrated like one possessed, but with a huge grin on his handsome face.

“quick, hurry up and go Maria, we’ll see tonight okay. I love you baby, you know that don’t you?” He added, a tender smile lighting up his face as he pulled Maria to her feet and kissed her lips.

“I know you do, but you also love this pussy more don’t you?” She teased as she wriggled back into her dress and slipped out into the blazing sunlight.

I was used to these two by now, and all the baby and love they called each other. I have been sneaking out to spy on them for the last five weeks, and each time, it never went past the caresses and kissing. Today took my lessons to a whole new level and it was clear my tutors were also advancing into a higher level of learning.

I watched sister Maria dash across to the main house, sure that no one saw her coming in from the Boys quarters, she hid a smile as she went inside. I took a final peek into the room and Okon slowly began to put his trousers back on. The monster of a few minutes ago, was now a tame flaccid shrimp. Who would have thought?

I waited for him too to leave the room. When he did, I heard him walked the other way to the side gates in the front of the house, he was probably going to buy a cigarette now…he always did that after his meetings with sister Maria.

I smelled like pussy. That was what Sister Maria called it wasn’t it? Pussy! I liked the sound of that, and also the smell of pussy. I watched the compound for a while, sure there was no one about, I quickly dashed across and sneaked back into the house. It was almost five o’clock and my lesson teacher would be calling soon, so I took a quick shower, and waited once more for the witch to bellow for me.


“sugar, Sugar…You can’t ell me you didn’t hear me call the first time Sugar, your insolence is getting out of control. Your tutor is here!”

Aunty Jennifer does not know the meaning of subtle. The woman had to yell like a drill sergeant else it would not seem to her that she was making a point. I secretly pitied her though, she had a rather rough future ahead for her because my step brothers, twenty eight months old triplets would definitely give her a run for her money.

“Coming Aunty, I’m just getting my school bag” I answered so she would not burst into my bedroom to retrieve me physically.

Sugar is my nick name, mom and dad started calling me that right after birth I was told, and it has pretty much stuck. I vaguely remember my mom, she died when I was four and daddy married the wicked witch of the east.

Like Sugar took over my name, so has sister done to Maria. I call her sister maria because she’s older than I am and aunty Jennifer made sure to remind me of the consequences that would follow, if I ever failed to do so.

“You children of today lack manners and respect for your elders”  she quipped, eyes bulging as she stared me down. So from the very start of her coming to live with us, I have always called her sister Maria.

The way she screwed up her face each time she called me, one didn’t need to guess it just killed Aunty Jennifer to call me Sugar! She would rather call me sour, I can swear to that fact. I always tell daddy of her manhandling,verbal abuse and really gross punishments, but all he would say is to give her a break.

“It’s not easy to deal with four children you know Sugar, you should help your mother a little” I cringe when ever he says that….the witch is no mother of mine!

Mr Akinbola is a nice man, a really great tutor. He’s my maths teacher in school also. I’m really bad at maths. I don’t get it and I don’t like it. My brilliant dad figured it would do me good to get extra coaching at home, hence this tutoring thing. I must admit I think he’s right, I’m beginning to actually grasps the concept of the subject. And as I said, Mr Akinbola is a really good teacher.

“There you are Petra, why didn’t you come to school today?” Mr Akinbola did not look up from whatever he was writing as he spoke to me, something he does rather often.

“Good evening sir, I went to the dentist and afterwards, my step mother had to take my little brothers to the pediatrician. How was class today sir? Did I miss much?”

“Did you miss much you ask Petra? you are a very funny girl indeed. Of course you missed much! I will have to speak with your Father about this. You are struggling as is Petra, no more missing class you hear me? Now, let’s see what you did with yesterdays homework shall we”

I quickly placed my work book on the table as he scanned from top to bottom, nodding his head along and the odd occasional frown thrown in. I was pleased, at least today he did not break out in Yoruba flabbergasted.

“You are a brilliant girl Petra, just lazy in mathematics, but before the end of the school year, I will have you in shape, that’s a promise” He was extremely pleased and I didn’t know why. He said I did very well and that was okay with me.

The next hour was spent calculating and figuring out equations. Mr Akinbola unfortunately did eventually switch to Yoruba, calling on his fore fathers to rescue him from gross ineptitude. It would be safe to say that he was elated when I finally understood what he had spent the last forty odd minute explaining patiently to me. Did I mention my main reason for liking this man was his patience? Yes, anyone who could successfully explain mathematical concepts and equation to me, without killing me or inflicting bodily harm on both me and self, is indeed an incredibly patient human.

“We will be having a test on what we studied today Petra, I expect an A from you, and that’s an order!”

“Yes sir! I’ll do my best sir, I promise. I replied calmly,as I watched the man pack up his bag ready to leave.

“Aah Mrs Kalu, we just finished here, how are those handsome boys of yours?” Mr Akinbola was facing the living room now, and aunty Jennifer had darkened the doorway again, just in time before he left. She always anticipated some sort of complaints against me, and each time, she came out short.

Faking a smile was second nature  to Aunty,and to form, she flashed her signature and carried on animatedly with Mr Akinbola for a while, until he eventually managed it to the front door and escaped.

I dashed for my bedroom the second their backs were turned and locked myself in. It was almost six twenty and daddy would be home anytime now, so I had a few minutes to myself before dinner time.

Sister Maria was in charge of the kitchen most days, except for nights when she had lecture at the state university. On those nights, Aunty Jennifer was madam of manor true and true. My room over looked the back of the house and from my window, the entire farm land of the Naval village made a very picturesque scene. I stood there momentarily and pondered on the night as Okon had said, it was all I could think about, and how I would manage to sneak out for the session promised.

Lost in the greenery and my thoughts, I didn’t quite hear them calling for me. They must have done so for a long time, because the thumping on my door, sent me flying across the room.
“Sugarrrrr! you had better be dead in there because I’ll personally strangle you, the instant this door is opened.”

Aunty Jennifer was incensed, and no sooner had I opened the door, she launched at me. Pulling me by the wrist, she literally dragged me half way toward the dinning room.
“Take it easy aunty, my arms hurt.” I blurted out angrily, struggling to detach my wrists but her grip was quite firm.

Sister Maria’s disapproval was written all over her face, but she wouldn’t dare say a word, her big sister’ Medusa stare would have surely turned her to stone. Poor daddy, he looked so tired, I almost wished for his sake this particular evening would just rewind and I would hear and answer them:Perhaps save everyone from the rage of the century currently displayed by my evil step mother.

“That is quite enough darling you know how these teenagers can be”, Daddy said looking at her lovingly, and she reluctantly let go of my wrist.

” Gaa Gaa Gaa”  The cooing was from my adorable little brothers, who simultaneously started to babble upon seeing me. At least someone was happy to see me. I grinned at them as I sat between two of the chairs, and waited for the grown ups to say grace.

I may as well have chewed rubber that evening because the food tasted like saw dust and by the way her eyes darted from her plate to her mobile phone, I knew sister  Maria also would rather be somewhere else than at that table.

Daddy and his wife made small talk and the triplets cooed louder as they threw carrots and peas all over the place. After about fifteen minutes or so, I asked if I could be excused and daddy nodded with a grunt. Aunty Jennifer eye balled me, while sister Maria eyed me with envy. she would be trapped there for another twenty minutes or so, forced to listen to her sister rant and politely answer daddy’s question about her lectures, while she also tried to contain the triplets enthusiasm on food throwing.

I changed into my pajamas and climbed into bed. There was nothing to watch on television to occupy my mind because I lost viewing privileges two weeks ago, and my ear phone had been stolen last week in school. With nothing to do, I stared at the wall, desperately struggling to blank out images of naked Okon and sister Maria from my head.

The house is finally quiet, it’s almost ten P.M , nothing but gentle night traffic noises and the light from the gate mans house is dimmed also. This was my cue to act. I tiptoed out to the corridor and safely made it out through the kitchen back door. The dim illumination from the stained window is indication that the lessons had begun, as my trembling feet carried me listlessly across the yard.

The spot I stay had a deep depression to the shrubs, probably from my bottom pressed against it, but it made a comfortable space for me. My eyes hit the queen bed as I peered in once again; and on it was Sister maria, her back to the wall facing Okon who stood looking at her. She began to undress and he watched her quickly take off her dress.

“Why do you stand there as if you are afraid to touch me baby, do you want me to leave? She was angry at him.

He laughed, a low throttle sort of laughter and bent down to gently pull her on the ankle towards the edge of the bed.

“What’s your rush Maria? we have the night to ourselves, besides, I’m going to teach you how to love yourself and your body”. He pulled her panties off, and gently began to rub her private area. Sister maria closed her legs quickly and jumped to her feet. What the hell was wrong with her, I wondered, surprised at her reaction…was she not the amorous one?

“Don’t touch me there! She spat the words at him as if it was taboo for him to touch her, feel her.

Why? what a hypocrite! So what was the banana eating fest she did earlier in the day? what was that all about?
I could not wait to see where this was leading. Okon smiled, and gently pushed her back on the bed. Sister Maria turned out to be all mouth. Her bravado of the past weeks has been what she learned, maybe on television or book, at this point, I could safely assume that.

The genuine mixture of fear, and disgust on her face was proof this girl was no woman! In fact, she was just only a little better than me in the sexual prowls  department…okay a lot better, but she was still a wimp!

” Shh h…he whispered. Again, he spread her legs open and began to caress her pubic area. A soft moan escaped from her, and slowly, he lowered his head. He spread her labia open with  his hand, exposing red bulging flesh and with his tongue, he flicked the protruding flesh side to side. Sister Maria was out of control now and so was I. My breathing had escalated and my hands thrust deep inside my panties, rubbing vigorously against my throbbing loins.

Okon licked and sucked, pulled and tugged on Sister Maria’s thing until she began to tremble.

“Easy now baby, it’s too early for that” he whispered softly, reaching for her huge breast. His mouth found a nipple, as he buried his face between them, licking and sucking simultaneously from both breasts. Sister maria was near fainting. In all of this, there was still no penetration.

He lay beside her, gently pulled her on top of him and she literally sat on his face, and he began to eat again. My poor pussy was traumatized by now and so much slimy liquid had escaped, my panties were wet as though I had urinated on myself, so I pulled off my Pajamas and took the damn thing off. I could not imagine the pleasure this girl was receiving, sitting on top of Okons face.

I wanted to be right there, sitting on his face and moaning frenziedly like sister Maria, but I was too much of a wimp to put my finger all the way in. Imagine, to dis-virgin myself, that would be a sad,sad shame!

Sister Maria’s gyrating hips was fast, and her moans louder still. So much so that Okon stopped and cupped her mouth with his hands.

” Easy baby, you want your sister to send me packing tonight?”

Out of breath and drunk in lust, Sister Maria giggled.

“Make love to me” .

She pleaded, kissing his lips and tugging at his trousers, but he shook his head.

“Not until we say I DO Maria, now shut up and let me eat!”

I was officially in love! What? He would not hump her right there and then? Sister Maria had a body that would make any man commit. I mean it in every sense of the word. I see how even daddy looks at her sometimes, yet here she was, ready and begging, and this Okon person would not snatch her.

My hormone ridden fourteen years old body could no longer take the torture. Five solid weeks, I loyally followed these two through and for what? Only to be left hanging! I waited patiently to witness actual fucking, you know, pure lustful fuck fest because that was what their actions promised all along. How was I to know they were nothing but love thugs! At least he was, Okon the not until we say I DO freak!

“when is this happening Okon? Your famous I DO bid baby? when  will my evil sister acknowledge that you are capable of handling your business? Jesus, you are almost twenty seven years old. You are not a kid baby, why will you not take this to a solicitor? she needs to hand over your company to you already abeg, what sort of stupid will did your dad even leave sef”

Sister Maria was livid and I was completely lost on this new line of conversation they were having. As far as I knew, Okon worked for daddy and Aunty Jennifer in the company, I knew nothing else, other than the fact that he did everything in his power, not to ever be alone with Aunty Jennifer.

This entire sneaking out escapade was no longer going as I had hoped. They were becoming too serious for me now, and way less action. I stood up and mentally prepared myself for my dash back into the house. I suppose my education would have to slow to their pace. Like them, I had all the time in the world.