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We saw things in the same light

In a past not so long dead.

Then my vision began to dim

On the afternoon of my life.


Now we’re apart, seeing life in different colors

From angles in opposition to each other,

Shifting perspectives in the beginning unnoticed.

Used to be we counted on love

And its power of clarity,

The love that has now shifted,

Demanding to be measured ,

Love which was a single flow of united hearts,

Constant, caring, and patient,

Now must be measured, quantified!


We’re now words, confused new words,

Words thrown in desperation and anger,

Words that weaken the will,

And leave our souls in chains.


Used to be all it took was a look or a touch

And all miseries miraculously melt away.

Alas silence now is left, cold stares

Boring into the back, screaming in the head.


All I feel now is numbness;

I’m numbed,

Yet numbness feels better than harsh words.

Words lash out, but I see lips only.

Used to be I felt it all, varying emotions

Heard loud and clear in happier years.

Ever since love became measurable

I’ve felt numbed, felt this numbness,

This feeling better than words.


Numbness is good, better than words…