I rise with the blues,

Triumphant in sadness

On this day

Of a red morning.

Red rays of a red morning

Are streams to waywardness

Like beautiful women spoilt silly

At the dawn of sublimest beauty.

Irresistible attraction of melancholy

On account of sensuous beauty

Seen in the glory of morning,

African sunrise!

Yet Iā€™m being loved, caressed,

By the round eyes of sadness

That brings out sweetness

Out of unhappy lives.

Total despair I reject,

Humiliation before humanity I abjure!

I who am victorious in sadness,

Revelling in the red rays of another morning,

As I shake off the blues

At the inspiring moment of action.

of beauty



Ada Agada is a Nigerian writer and Philosopher. He has written several novels and hundreds of poems.