Star Children and the New Humans – By Ghostbusterbev

They walk among us. Star children are described as a hybrid species with mixed DNA of both human and extraterrestrial (ET) origin. Could they be the 5th root race that Edgar Cayce prophesied would appear around the year 2000? The mission of the Star children is to guide a global awakening of terrestrial consciousness, and these special children are rising to their calling around the world.

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One thousand super psychic children have already been identified in China. In the Himalayas children are known to communicate in a strange sign language known only to them. After researching over 1600 cases through hypnosis and regression, Mary Rodwell refers to the Star children as the New Humans. One such well-known Star child, Tracey Taylor, says that she helps ETs to achieve their genetic goals, and in return they help her with healing and psychic abilities and to understand life on earth.

Tracey recalls having contact with celestial beings as early as age two or three. By age five she was flying around in UFOs, and at 15 had developed healing abilities, taught to her by alien beings. Tracey says that Star children continue to have communication with their cosmic family while in human form. Many of them have past life memories of life on other planets, and have amazing abilities, including an understanding of complicated geometric designs.

One five-year old Star child in Australia described the building of the pyramids this way: “They (celestial beings?) changed the density structure of objects large and small; they levitated the stones into place, and placed a crystal on top to communicate with other worlds.” One theory suggests that the rising number of children today with autism, aspergers, and ADHD point to multi-dimensional awareness and may well be part of the celestial program. Star children share similar traits:

Superior mental and analytical capabilities

Extreme sensitivity to thoughts and emotions

Photographic memories

Direct connection to higher awareness

Enhanced DNA

Fast motor neuron response

Non-verbal communication

Ability to absorb information quickly

Ability to see unusual beings and/or orbs of light

An urge to write and/or speak in unusual languages; communicate with unusual symbols; or draw strange artwork

Simon Harvey Wilson, Australian UFO researcher, discovered a comparison between UFO abductions and the modern day shamanic experience “where we are being challenged to transcend our fears to prepare for our multi-dimensional nature.” Russian research has shown that our DNA can be influenced and re-programmed by words and the right frequencies. Many Indigo and Crystal children are also feeling these changes in their physical and mental bodies. Delores Cameron (hypnotist and specialist in past life regression) confirms that our genetics are changing and that thousands of people are affected. The new humans eat less; have difficulty processing heavy, dense food; drink more liquids; have immunity to disease; and lighter bodies. Their brains are being upgraded and as a result they are remembering past lives and developing stronger intuitive/psychic abilities. Many of them struggle to fit in with earth life and consequently long to go home. All of them have a strong sense of mission.

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Many adults and children worldwide have reported being taken by aliens to schools where they studied physics at the early ages of three and four, and of seeing lots of children there. Whitley Strieber, author of Communion, described his own experiences at these “Secret Schools” where he was taught how to manipulate time – “because learning how to use time as a tool is key to reaching higher consciousness and a real relationship with the beings.”

Mary Rodwell’s research indicated that the following classes are taught at these Secret Schools:

Quantum physics

New expanded states of consciousness

True history of man’s origins

The connection of all things


Healing and working with energy

New understanding of time

The spatial geometry of thought

Time travel and teleportation

Out of body training

New thought processors


Telepathy mind melds (going into minds and absorbing concepts; absorbing without reading pages and pages of information)

Parenting classes – Star children (and Crystal children) need to be dealt with in different ways because they see things differently.

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ETs communicate telepathically with images and concepts, and ancient symbols appear to hold the keys to these concepts. Having been a Spiritual/Tarot Reader for many years now, I find this particularly interesting. When I lay the cards out in a reading, my mind scans the symbols in the cards and instantly begins the process of interpreting and transferring information. The symbols in the cards hold the keys to the ancient wisdom of the Universe. I understand from experience how easily the mind identifies with symbols and retains information, much longer than information absorbed from words. I studied shorthand symbols in high school 50 years ago and I still remember them to this day, but I only recall a few lines from Shakespeare’s sonnets!

One man who recalls his abduction as a very young child remembers being taken onboard a ship where he studied physics with other children. He never studied physics during his school years, yet he astounds others with his knowledge of physics. It makes you wonder how our world suddenly advanced to the computer age, and how young children of three and four compose complicated music scores and play instruments like maestros, and very young artists paint masterpieces. Are they attending these secret schools?

Researching and writing this post was a revelation for me. It gave me a better understanding of my own evolution and the changes I am experiencing in my own body and mind. Can you identify with any of these changes, and how are they affecting you?